What you need to know about Hummingbird's support for Nintendo Switch



Alexandra Ivanov

As of 24th of April 2018 Coherent Labs is the only UI solution on the market that has the privilege of supporting Nintendo Switch™. We have been wanting to say that for a while now!

The communication between the two teams - Nintendo & Coherent Labs - started back in December of last year and has been going without a hitch to this day, when we can officially offer our SDK for Nintendo to clients.

Fully multiplatform UI solution From a business perspective, adding Nintendo Switch to our portfolio means our clients can now enjoy the workflow and performance benefits of the leading UI tool on the last platform they couldn’t. That makes the lives of our sales team much, much easier as there is virtually nothing left we can’t offer to our clients at this point.

Being the most popular UI solution used for games with the widest variety of platform support we were eager to add Nintendo Switch to the list, as it was the last major platform missing from our portfolio. If you are wondering how this whole ordeal started, it’s quite simple – we got a request from a prospective client whose game was to be developed for Nintendo Switch. The next step was to get in touch with the Nintendo team and see what needed to be done to make this platform support become a reality.

Eager to know which is the game that made us go through this whole ordeal? Stay tuned and you will find out. For now, however, let us tell you a bit about the technical challenges we encountered while integrating Hummingbird.