Say hi, new coherent brand!



Alexandra Ivanov

In order to understand why we decided to rebrand, we want to give you a bit of a background perspective on who we are and how we ended up here. Coherent Labs was created in 2012 by four programmers who decided that they can come up with a better solution for UI creation than what was already on the market. Since the beginning, the company has grown to over 40 people and has released multiple generations of products that are used by some of the most renowned game development studios in the world.

Since the main focus during the first few years was creating products that solve hard technological problems rather than developing a marketing strategy, our brand was not very coherent (pun intended). That, coupled with the otherwise great additions to our product line, led to some confusion among our customers on what each product offered.

Another reason behind our rebranding is the meaning behind the name Coherent Labs:

  • logical = our workflow and the way we create our software
  • consistent = our business relationships with our clients and partners
  • forming a unified whole = our holistic approach: we offer technical expertise, support, and development on demand
  • the scientific and meticulous approach with which we tackle challenges on a daily basis = we’re basically scientists but instead of mixing potions, we use HTML5 to make the magic happen 🙂

Along with our new appearance, for which we have industry experts Battalion to thank (you might know some of their clients - SoundCloud, for example) we now have a streamlined product line which is based on our client-centric approach. We have always listened to what our customers and partners had to say and taken everything, good or bad, to heart. In the past, we’ve marketed our products based on how we made them. Different companies make games differently, with each studio having a preferred approach. We want to make everyone’s jobs easier and we want our software to alleviate some of the major pressure points in making UI (a developer - artist collaboration, for example). This is reflected in our 2 new products - Coherent Gameface and Coherent Prysm, which differ in the type of workflow a company prefers, and not in the underlying technology.

Coherent Gameface is the latest CL tech meant for people with web development experience who like to use modern HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and like to do their coding by hand while also utilizing modern libraries like React.js

Coherent Prysm is made to be used with a visual workflow in mind and requires writing minimal to no amount of code. With it, you can use the power of Adobe Animate and create more complex compositions. And the output is still HTML/CSS/JS, and not Flash.

Since the beginning, we at Coherent Labs, have not stopped pushing ourselves to go further and take our technology to new heights. The company didn’t merely change throughout the years. We evolved and it was time for our brand to follow suit. Keep an eye out for our hashtags #gameuisolved #madewithCLtech on social media for company updates and sneak peeks on the lives of Coherent employees.