HTML is the best alternative to Scaleform



Alexandra Ivanov

On Wednesday, Autodesk announced their decision to no longer offer Scaleform for purchase. This marks the end of an era in UI game development, shaking up the community and leaving developers with no other option.

However, a great Scaleform alternative already exists on the market and it has been steadily taking over UI development for some time. Coherent Labs’ products - Coherent GT and Hummingbird, support the same workflow and features, making them the best Scaleform alternative on the market. Both products offer a smooth transition from Scaleform and allow the user to preserve and continue their work without the need for any additional changes. The standard HTML5 allows easily to manipulate and experiment, instantly seeing the effect. We have created high-performance binding, scripting, and rendering on all platforms, compatible with modern multi-threaded, data-oriented engine architectures.

scaleform alternative

Same workflow, faster development

Our data-binding systems allows you to efficiently synchronize the state of the UI with the game. The programmers can expose the game data for the designers so they can directly use it in the UI. Even complex use cases such as populating a list of inventory items become easily achievable.

All products offered by Coherent Labs empower teams by eliminating dependencies between team members and improving iteration time by letting them work independently of one another. Front-end designers can test their work even without the game running. They can simulate real interactions with the game by mocking all of the game data. Furthermore, changes to the UI can be applied even while the game is running and the UI has already been loaded. Programmers need a few hours to setup the data binding for the UI designers.

Many studios foresaw thе end of Scaleform and Flash-based technologies, already converting to Coherent GT and Hummingbird. Our team is ready to assist everyone who is interested in making the same transition by providing the necessary support.